Stated Income Loans

Stated Income Loan is a mortgage where the lender does not verify the borrower’s income by looking at their pay stubs, W-2 (employee income) forms, income tax returns, or other records. Instead, borrowers are simply asked to state their income. To minimize the risk of default the lender requires the borrower(s) to put down 40%, or refinance the asset to 60% Loan-to-Value.

Lending Criteria Description
  • Purchase and Refinance
Property Type:
  • Single Family Residence (1-4)
  • Condominium
  • Townhomes
  • Planned Unit Developments
Max Loan-to-Value
  • Purchase: 60% LTV
  • Refinance: 60% LTV
  • Cash-Out: 60% LTV
Borrower Types:
  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Foreign nationals
  • Non-Permanent Resident Aliens
Minimum Credit Scores
  • N/A
Prepayment Penalty
  • None
Maximum Debt-to-Income (DTI)
  • N/A
  • Yes
Broker Fee
  • 1-2 points (subject to loan)
  • 30 years
Loan Amounts
  • $200,000 – $1,500,000
Closing Timeframes
  • 45-60 days
  • 30 years
Available Programs
  • 1/1, 3/1, 5/1 Hybrid ARM’s
  • 1st Trust Deed
  • 2nd Trust Deed
Other Costs
  • All 3rd Party Fees
This information is NOT a loan approval or commitment to lend. The actual loan amount, interest rate, fees, costs and monthly payment on your specific loan transaction can vary and will depend on your choice of loan product and your unique credit profile. Loans (in CA) will be made pursuant to BRE License #02001852 & NMLS License #1463667. Loan Brook, Inc. is an equal housing lender.